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Property pack calculator

Enter your total number of properties and we will calculate the best combination of property packs.


Three simple steps

1. Register on-line

Complete the simple form on the left to start the registration process. We ask for minimum information to get going.

2. Pay your subscription

You can pay instantly with your Credit Card or via PayPal.

3. Database Initialization

This is a manual step that we have to take on your behalf.

We will get notification to start this the moment you have completed the Registration form, and we will get the ball rolling, and send you an email as soon as its done. This normally takes an hour or so, but please allow up to 24 hours.



quote It's probably one of the best £100s I'll spend this year - PIMs has been a huge benefit to me over the past year - I really don't know how I'd run my four lodges without it now! quote


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